March 2022 Retrospective

Published April 4, 2022
David Nguyen


  • Promoted to Senior Software Engineer!
  • Visit Bill in Playa Del Carmen
  • 194 hours tracked (-20% month over month)

Last Month's Goals

🏢 - Have an amazing trip visiting Bill
Okay, to be honest, I cheated a bit creating this goal. I’m doing this retroactively. Oh well, honestly, that doesn’t matter because the trip was so amazing. It was life changing and exactly what I needed. If you look back the last few months, the word “lost” has come up more than once in my retros. This feeling of just going through the motions had overtaken my life and I knew I needed to do something about. I just didn’t know what. March finally feels like I’ve taken the first step into the right direction.
The trip reminded what’s possible. I’ve been stuck the with same old routine for so long that I thought that was all to life. It’s not. This life is beautiful. If I can dream up something, I can do it. Not only that it is full of surprises and you’ll never know what wonderful things you will discover along the way.
Anyways, enough of this pie in the sky stuff (even though it’s awesome), let’s get to real concrete stuff.

The Numbers

notion image
The trip was awesome, my time tracking wasn’t. My time tracking has been getting worse lately. I’m getting busy and forgetting about it. Do better

Next Month's Goal

💎 - Get back on track
I want to do better with my time tracking. Create a time budget and compare it to the time I’m actually spending.