June 2022 Retrospective

June 2022 Retrospective

Published July 5, 2022
David Nguyen


  • Tracked 51 hours (-75% month over month)
  • Completely off the wagon

Last Month's Goals

🏢 - Get back on track
Yep…failed again. That’s a few months where I have fallen of the wagon, and I haven’t been able to get back on.

The Numbers

notion image
It’s kind of depressing. I didn’t take off work. I just didn’t log any of my hours. Time tracking is definitely a pain. You need to remember to log and track all your time manually, but I know it’s so vital to be productive.

Next Month's Goal

💎 - Setup davidn.co as my domain for my personal site
Let’s have a real goal next month. I recently got davidn.co and love it. Let’s get it live!