January 2021 Retrospective

January 2021 Retrospective

Published February 6, 2021
David Nguyen


  • Failed my goal last month
  • Rebuilt my personal website using React and Next.js
  • Took the lead on a react project at work
  • Reached Top 500 in Eleven VR
  • Slept in 2 days this month

Last Month's Goals

  • 🏢 - Contact 100 people - Fail sauce...
So… two weeks into the year I made a realization: I wasn't working towards my "mission" at all. I was supposed to focus on helping other people, but I spent all my time tinkering with React and Next.js. Building was just too much fun for me. The pull was too strong. Don't get me wrong—I still want to help people. However, I realized I'm an engineer before anything else.
I decided that whatever my mission was, it should be something that pulls me. It should be something I look forward to doing. Of course, there will be days where I won't feel like doing it and will need to rely on discipline. However, it should be something I innately do already.
So, I went back and updated my annual plan. I figure it's early in the year, and it's okay to be changing things. Instead of dedicating time to helping people find purpose, I will work on being a creator. I know it's kind of vague, but the goal is to create applications or content that will be valuable to myself and other people.

The Numbers

notion image
I'm clocking in about 330 hours this month. I'm going to stop mentioning my hours in Notables because it isn't notable anymore. Going forward, it'll probably stay around this range. If it severely drops or increases, then I'll note it. I will say I did take one day off this month. It was the Saturday where I only tracked a couple of hours. I was just tired. So, I slept in and didn't do much the whole day. It felt good to rest. Listen to your body.
My top three categories beside work are Fitness, Creator, and Study in that order. That's a good spread, and I'm happy with it. Fitness is way up because of Eleven VR (haha). I wouldn't say VR table tennis is extremely exhausting, but it's definitely more strenuous than walking. My goal for the year is to be in the top 250 players in the world. Wish me luck!
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Also, one more thing, it was actually thanks to my time tracking that I realized I was lying to myself about my priorities. I reviewed my hours and saw I didn't put any time into my so-called "mission." After that, I knew I needed to stop lying to myself. I have learned it's actually really easy to lie to yourself. If you say you want to lose weight, but only dedicate 15 minutes a month to exercising, you're lying to yourself. Fix it.

Next Month's Goal

  • 💎 - Release my "Building This Site" post
Last month I might have gotten too hyphy on my goal. I need to make sure my goals are in alignment with what I'm trying to achieve with my annual plan. This month, I'm dialing it back down, with something more achievable. ☮