January 2022 Retrospective

Published February 5, 2022
David Nguyen


  • Tracked 232 hours (-15% month over month)
  • Got a new office chair!

Last Month's Goals

🏢 - Setup Algorand node on my PC
I’m currently writing this at the end of February, so I’m way behind. That said, I’m slowly getting back on track. Looking over my to-do list, I got a bunch of little things done here and there. The biggest thing honestly was getting my new Steelcase Leap V2 chair! I spent so much damn time cleaning and dying the leather black. So worth it, though.

The Numbers

notion image
I haven’t been on the ball. The chart speak for it yourself.

Next Month's Goal

💎⁣ – Come up with a road map for the next few months
I’m feeling lost. So, I want to put together a plan. Wish me luck next month!