February 2021 Retrospective

February 2021 Retrospective

Published March 5, 2021
David Nguyen


  • Updated my site so it has code formatting
  • Broke top 200 in Eleven VR
  • Started playing chess
  • Decided to slowly pursue Storyix again
  • Tracked 294 hours (-12% month over month)

Last Month's Goals

  • 💎 - Release my "Building This Site" post - Did it!
This month felt pretty good. I was starting to fall into a productive routine. However, I was feeling a little bit complacent outside of work. It felt good to get the post done, but that was more of a lay up. I definitely could have done more. Ugghhh I was constantly struggling between completely burning myself out versus feeling like I haven't done enough. I couldn't seem to find the sweet spot. I still don't have a solution; I'm just frustrated.
Oh well, let's move on. So, I reached my goal of getting into the top 250 at Eleven VR! It lasted all of like two days (lol). It made me realize my goal was pretty dumb. It should have been to stay consistently in the top 250 or something like that. That said, my original goal was to be in the top 500, and I have been consistently doing that. So, overall, I'm feeling pretty good about it. I definitely notice my ELO dropped when I didn't dedicate the time and effort into it. I also noticed that it's really streaky. Some days it feels like I can't miss and other days I can't hit anything. There is a life lesson in there somewhere, but I'm too tired to find it right now.

The Numbers

notion image
I know I said I will stop mentioning hours tracked in my last retro. I lied, get over it. I change my mind all the damn time. I now think it's useful to see it in my Notables again. Plus, I just like seeing percentages.
I'm really happy with the time I spent studying, but it's supposed to be my secondary focus (Creator is the primary). So I don't know how I feel about spending more time on studying than creating. I don't hate it though; at this point I think they are equally as important. It's more of something to note during next year's annual plan. I need to do a better job prioritizing.
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Fitness is way down because I haven't been playing as much Eleven VR. My ELO started dropping, and I was losing every game. So, I didn't feel like playing. I've reached a point that if I want to get better I need to actually have disciplined practice. I can't just get on and hit around willy-nilly anymore, which is fine. I want to get to this point; it's just now I need to be more structured with my time and practice.

Next Month's Goal

  • 💎 - Conduct 10 interviews with small businesses
Last's month goal was too easy. Let's step it up a bit. I decided I want to start pursuing Storyix again. The only issue is I have no idea what I'm doing. I just know I want to help small businesses, businesses with no larger than 10 employees (most likely even less). The reason for this is I want to start small and make a real impact with every business I work with.