December 2021 Retrospective

Published January 5, 2022
David Nguyen


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Last Month's Goals

🏢 - Na
I skipped last month retro entirely. What can I say, I’m falling back into old habits. Luckily, I’m still alive, and can always keep trying. I’m realizing I’m still not focused enough. There are too many things I’m trying to do all at once. That’s why my annual plan for 2022 only contains one item, build a decentralized app.

The Numbers

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Next Month's Goal

💎 - Setup a Algorand node on my PC.
This month goal is pretty simple. Set up a running Algorand node on my PC, so I can start doing development. All of my monthly goals will revolve around completing my annual plans. Doesn’t mean I won’t have smaller goals, but my monthly goal is a must-do.