October 2020 Retrospective


  • I got a great FTE (full-time employee) position!
  • Hit the goal of tracking 220 hours (up 25% from last month)
  • Attended my cousin's wedding! It was awesome!
  • More people to love in my extended ❤ family. 👶 Stella and 👶 Aileen, welcome to life.

Last Month's Goal

  • 💎 - Get 1 freelancing client, contract job, or FTE

Wow! I really didn't think I would find a job this fast. I read so many horror stories on /r/cscareerquestions that I figured the job market was brutal right now. I was actually thinking I'd probably land a job by Feb 2021. This is because of the holidays and slow hiring in Q4. However, I had a few competing offers, so I guess it really just depends.


Anyways, I'm super excited to get started. The position and team I will be joining is a great fit in terms of the tech stack and culture. I'm so done modernizing legacy projects. And, I'm so ready to start building awesome products instead of maintaining horrible, outdated codebases.


Alright, let's dive into how I spent my time this month.

notion image
notion image

The first thing that stuck out to me is I didn't track my family time (10/17–10/19). I should have, so I created a new tag called "Family" after seeing this. Also, there are definitely hills and valleys in my graph this month. I'm slightly taking my foot off the pedal on the weekends. I'm still undecided whether this is okay or not. R&R is important, but where is the line between too much and too little?

notion image

That said, I tracked roughly 221 hours this month, hitting my goal of 220 hours. So, I'm more okay with the valleys. My month over month chart looks amazing, but it's going to start plateauing. There is a limit to productive hours in a month. I'm okay with holding strong at 220 hours.


Studying is way down from last month because I didn't have an Azure exam to study for anymore. Instead, I put most of my time into my career and focused on things like job searching, applications, and interviews. I like that my goal and my time spent are aligned. This alignment is a major key to achieving my goals. I need to make a note of this, if this alignment is ever off. It means I'm doing something wrong.


Another note is I picked up a new project, so I have been spending a lot of time on that. For personal time, most of it was spent on cooking, eating, and socializing with friends. In the future, family time will also be here.


And that wraps up October. Again, I'm extremely happy with the results. I can't believe I'm batting 100% right now. I honestly thought I would need to set this goal again in November.

Next Month's Goal

  • 🏢 - Learn Knockout.js
  • 🎨 - Create 1 YouTube video

To be honest, I'm not sure of my next steps. I thought I would have more time to think about it. Oh well, it's a good problem to have. For now, I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel. I also want to do a great job at the workplace. So, going forward, I will have two goals: one for work, one for myself.


I don't know what my new job entails yet, so I'll just set something I know I'll need. They are using Knockout.jsI'll need to pick that up. Second, it's about damn time I start my YouTube channel. I have been thinking about it for years.


Let's do this! ☮


Cousin's Wedding

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notion image


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