Writing Prompt #1: Last Day

If today is your last day, how would you spend it?


Let me set the scene for you. It's morning, you know that by the time you go to sleep tonight you won't have another day. You had no prior knowledge that today was going to be the last day, and it can only last as long as the length of your average day. What do you do?


I have thought about this question in the past. I have always said that I want to live like it was my last day, every day of my life. Of course, in reality, that's hard to do. The reason for that is because I'm constantly balancing instant versus delay gratification. However, of course, delay gratification doesn't work when it's your last day.


That said, I love this quote:

“If you live each day as if it were your last, someday you'll be right. Every morning I looked in the mirror and asked myself: If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I do today?” - Steve Jobs

I truly believe living like every day was your last is possible. How? By falling in love with things that are not only good for you at the moment, but also good for you in the long run. For example, I won't run a mile on my last day, but I will sweat it up playing VR ping pong. Build a life like this, and you've found the secret to life.


So I would like to think that my last day won't be very different from the day I'm living now. I won't work because I haven't found work that has that magical pull for me yet. Hopefully, one day, I will.


I imagine and hope my last day would be very calm and Zen-like. Without much time left, I predict every action I take would be full of purpose and intention. That said, I hope I leave time to drift like I have all the time in the world too. I think balance is very important. Of course, I would call all my loved ones. I would try to make my leaving as easy as possible for everyone. Make sure all the paperwork is done and transfer everything to my brother so he can take care of the family going forward. Then, apologize for the burden he has to bear alone, but tell him, "Good luck bro" (haha).


After I take care of all the things that needed to be done. I would probably spend the rest of the time with loved ones like my SO, my friends, and my family. I was thinking: I could take some of the money and go do the things I have always wanted to do, but never got around to. Like, driving a Lambo, going to Hawaii, or having a super wild party. Though, after thinking about it more, it's not worth rushing to put any of those things together.


Also, my life has been f*cking amazing. The money I would waste putting any of those extravagant things together could be better used by someone else. I have been to amazing parties; I can imagine even crazier parties. I have traveled across the world and gone to some of the most beautiful places. What is one more place? And, as far as the Lambo is concerned, I doubt it can beat the thrill of being on a sportbike. So, eh, I'll pass (pun not intended). I know anything else I can do in one day would only be a sprinkle on an already amazing cake.


So, instead, I want a normal, chill day with the people I love.